INVENTORY SALE - I have an abundance of one-of-a-kind art inventory & I really need to make space for new work.  Most work has been considerably discounted, higher amounts are on my most recent work.  Connect with me with your questions and/or purchase.   Gallery Wrapped means it's been stretched to stretcher bars like a painting.  If it says flat it means it hangs flat against the wall from a bar that slides through a sleeve on the back.  Local purchases I will deliver or you can stop by my home studio. I will ship at your cost.  I will accept cash, check, cashiers check or Venmo.  Communicate using email address:

A Rose is a Rose  2021  36x36.jpg

A Rose in a Rose  36" x 36" SOLD

Bike Ride in White Frame 12x14.jpg
Brother Sister 6x8.jpg

Bike Ride  14" x 16"  framed  $50

Brother Sister  6" x 8"  $25

           Gallery Wrapped

Blue Moo 18x18.jpg

Blue Boo  18" x 18"  $55

        Gallery Wrapped

Chicks Hens  15x25.jpg

Chicks & Hens 16" x 24" $95

           Gallery Wrapped

Circles  2021.jpg

Circles  25" x 39"  $650  Flat

Dance Dance  14x16.jpg

Dance Dance  14" x 16"  $45

           Gallery Wrapped

Dwell in the House of the Lord.jpg
FISH 12x22.jpg
Four Fish 14x24.jpg
Fish Around 22x22.jpg

Dwell in the House of the Lord

      24" x 60"  $250  Flat

FISH  12" X 22"  $45 Flat


Four Fish  14" x 24"  $45

        Gallery Wrapped

Fish Around  22" x 22" $95

         Gallery Wrapped

Gander 300 dpi.jpg
Goose 300 dpi.jpg


giraffe in a blue box.jpg

Giraffe in Blue Box  28" x 28" $150

            Gallery Wrapped

Loop t' Loop Full.jpg
Old Faithful Red Sky 72dpi for CFA.jpg

Loop t Loop  27" x 37"

         $250  Flat

Old Faithful Red Sky 42" x 34"

               $350   Flat

Leaves  6x6 in 9x9 frame.jpg
Leaves 6x6 in 9x9 white frame.jpg
Leaves 2  6x6 in 9x9 frame.jpg
Mask Series  Haitian Masquerade  24x36.j

Pounded Leaf Prints to Silk Noil  9" x 9" Framed
                 $25 each or all three $60     SOLD

Mask Series: Haitian Masquerade

26" x 36"  $800  Gallery Wrapped

Mt. Rushmore  34" x 36"

             $250   Flat

Mandala Series   Emerald Birds  30 inch
Mandala Series   Koi Fish  30 inch round
Out for a Sunday Drive  14x16.jpg
Rainbow Girls 14x24.jpg

Mandala Series:  Emerald Birds, Koi Fish, Dragon & Crains

           30" circles, original designs  $150 each  Flat

Out for a Sunday Drive 14" x 16"

         $45  Gallery Wrapped

Rainbow Girls  24"x 22"

  $55   Gallery Wrapped

Remnants of War 300 dpi.jpg
Scooter Boy  6x8.jpg
Sister Stroller 14x16 (2).JPG

Remnants of War  24" x 32"

   $150  Gallery Wrapped

Rhino  22" x 32"  $150

    Galllery Wrapped

Scooter Boy  6" x 8"

$25  Gallery Wrapped

Sister Stroller 14" x 16"

  $45  Gallery Wrapped

Round About 300 Louise Schiele.jpg

Round About  36" circle

           $600   Flat

Seasons 30 x 30.jpg

Seasons  30" x 30"  $400

      Gallery Wrapped

Standing Guard 30x40.jpg

Standing Guard   30" x 40"  $300

             Gallery Wrapped

Standing on the Corner  14x 16.jpg

Standing on the Corner  14" x 16"

       $45  Gallery Wrapped

The Canary  Louise Thompson Schiele 300

The Canary  16"x 18" $125
        Gallery Wrapped  SOLD

Three Three Amigos  14x16.JPG

The Three Amigos 14" x 16"

     $45   Gallery Wrapped

The Big Bang 300 Louise Schiele.jpg

The Big Bang #1  48" x 48"

              $800   Flat

Water Bird  Blue Heron 20x18.jpg
Water Bird  Flamingo  20x18.jpg

       Water Birds: Blue Heron

 20" x 18" $60  Gallery Wrapped

      Water Birds: Flamingo

20" x 18"  $60  Gallery Wrapped

Twisted In Faith Full.jpg
Zebra with the Blues 12x16.jpg
Zerba 16x18.jpg

Zebra with the Blues

     12" x 18" $40

Gallery Wrapped

Twisted in Faith 48" x 34"

             $350  Flat

Zebra  16" 18"  $50

  Gallery Wrapped SOLD